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Electronic Cigarettes in the News Again

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs as they are commonly called are those devices which were built to mimic the act of smoking. Liquid is placed inside and then heated (vaporized) to produce a vapor instead of smoke. Buyers have had the option of purchasing substances which are nicotine free or are harmless to burn such as peppermint and chamomile, we would therefore suggest reading review, forums and other internet resources such as the best electronic cigarette on SmokeTastics review site. As such, this method of e-smoking was widely embraced by several categories of people: those trying to quit smoking, users of medical marijuana and environmentally aware smokers. For some time now, e-cigarettes have been widely promoted as a healthy alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.
However, the incidences of electronic cigarettes making the news again are due largely to the growing popularity of the e-cig and the seemingly constant introduction of competitive new products.
Just this morning, The Sun published an article about a new brand of disposable electronic cigarette called the Ezi-Cig which was released by a company called Discount UK. The cost is quite competitive at 1 pound for each. Its manufacturers claim that it produces as much vapor as smoking a 20 pack of regular cigarettes.
The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the UK have put forward a statement saying that their studies have found the use of e-cigs to be just as harmful as smoking regular cigarettes, this is especially the case if the liquid that is vaporized contains nicotine.
Current news trends report that e-cigarettes have been growing more and more in popularity. According to an article in the Winston-Salem Journal there are now more than 250 different brands of e-cigs available and still others in the production line. With that in mind they have experienced over $2 billion in sales with projections of increase for the years to come. A new e-cig store opened in Manhattan just a few days ago to cater to the needs of New Yorkers. There seems to be no slowing this growing trend. Our advise is to check out Youtube, where you will find some pretty desent electronic cigarette reviews, such as the one below, this is the Green Smoke product, and you get to see everything, from whats in the box to how it operates:

There are several arguments for and against the effectiveness of the e-cig in curbing the habit of smoking or whether it is just as harmful as smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. A former adviser to the FDA made the point that the actual act of smoking a cigarette may prove more effective than wearing a nicotine patch or chewing gum. While the experts and regulatory bodies argue, regular consumers continue to make their choices and it seems to be in favor of the electronic cigarette.

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Electric Cigarette for your health

A healthy person does not only need to eat right. His or her habits must also be healthy. This person must be able to give time to him or herself to do some exercise. He or she must not also have vices because these are harmful to one. When you find yourself graving for a stick of cigarette, reach for the Electric Cigarette instead. Its taste is slightly the same with the regular ones. This makes things easier for the smoker to shift to this kind of cigarette. In addition there are cartridges which have many other flavours. Those who do not want nicotine in their cigarettes may also order the ones with lesser or no nicotine content cartridges. When you do this, you do not only save your very own health but also the health of the other people who are near you and who are always with you.

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Electronic Cigarette And Its Benefits

Everything which is invented by man has a purpose. It is made to help in the daily living of the people affected by the invention. In the invention of the Electronic Cigarette, not only are the smokers considered, the others who are near the smokers were considered too. This is targeted to those who do not want the funky smell of smoke to attach to their clothes while smoking. As it emits odourless vapour, it still makes the experience of smoking complete. Now you can smoke without the stinky smell. Also, you can choose from a wide variety of flavour. If you are thinking about the nicotine, these cigarettes still contain them. But others are made with less or even no nicotine for those who are planning of quitting. If on the other hand, you have no plans of quitting, you can still choose Electronic Cigarette to make it safer for those near you. We all know that we love our family and smoking traditional cigarette really does put them in harm.

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Does Blu Cigs Coupon Code save me money?

Blu cigs is a brand of electronic cigarettes. It is one of the cheapest brands out there in the market today. As you might have noticed, electronic cigarettes are now gaining popularity amongst the public. The smokers who are planning to quit are using this to gradually decrease their dependence in nicotine. Blu cigs may contain less and some Blu cigs also do not contain nicotine. It doesn’t smell bad after you smoke and no carbon monoxide is release in the atmosphere with it. Now you can smoke on public places without worry. The nearby people won’t smell you and you wouldn’t bother them. The even better news is that blu cigs has Blu Cigs Coupon Code. They give you a discount once you buy your own blu cigs. It can save you up to twenty percent. You can use this saving to buy other things you would want to buy

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