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Low Carb Diet: Soup or No Soup

People look at soup and either glance over its high sodium content or they recoil from it. Most people who maintain low carb diet recoil from it because of the high sodium. But does the high sodium necessarily mean that a can of tomato or chicken noodle soup is high in carbs? It doesn’t necessarily mean that all soups are high carbs. To those who have resorted to soup as a means to eat in the past, you won’t be getting your full benefit of carbs. Fruit has essential sugars to count as good carbs. Vegetables have somewhat less of these beneficial sugars but it is important that you mix some of the otherwise fattening carbs with the low carbs. Cutting out some fattening carbs means that some acids and essential nutrients aren’t getting into your body, which could mean exhaustion and other conditions for you. Adding a serving of soup per day along with the fruits and vegetables could actually bring you to an equilibrium state, with most of your carb balances in check.

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